A Small Tale . . .

Atop each blueberry is the base of its earlier flower, in the shape of a star. Certain Native American traditions tell how the Great Spirit sent these ‘starberries’ down from the night of heaven, during a time of famine, to relieve the hunger of children.

When you make the trip to your favorite grocery store, you assume that everything you bring home is safe to eat. To ensure that, there is a chain of dedicated people involved in every step that the product takes.

At BellaBlue we are on the front line in that process.  It all starts here.  Our plants produce the fruit, and we tend to them with great care.  They receive only food grade fertilizer and pure water from our 1300 ft. well. Everything we apply to the plants is certified for use on Blueberries.  From our 8’ fence to keep out unwanted animals to our harvest sanitizing procedures, everything is documented and held for review.  Our policies and procedures manual may be thick but it affords us the comfort in knowing that when our berries reach your table they are high quality and yes, Safe to Eat!

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